Rose + Elemi Lafco Diffuser


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Scented with all natural, perfume grade essential oil-based fragrances. Diffusers are vegan, cruelty-free, and contain no harsh alcohols. Optimized to provide even, continuous scent. Gorgeous, keepsake glass vessels are yours to re-purpose and enjoy.

Rose & Elemi: Vivacious with contrast. The opening notes of champagne, red berries and pink peppercorn are unexpectedly blended with jasmine, and with abundant doses of rose centifolia which remains at the heart. Creamy sandalwood, elemi and amber notes impart a subtle warmth to create this rich velvety fragrance.

- One bundle of 8 natural reeds 

- 6 FL OZ / 177 ML

- Made in the USA


SAFETY TIPS: Fragrance oils - keep away from open flame. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid fragrance oil contact with delicate or finished wood surfaces and fabrics.

TIPS FOR USE: Immerse reeds into the diffuser. Reverse reeds after initial absorption if you desire a stronger fragrance.

ECO TIPS: When the fragrance oils are completely evaporated, rinse your glass vessel thoroughly with hot soapy water and keep and use as a vase, objet d'art or taper candle holder.