Wooden Trencher Bowl


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Carved from a single block of wood, the trencher is a classic form. This large version is perfect for a batch of bread or air plants on the dining landscape. Each trencher is heirloom quality, and has rich grain and natural carving marks.

  • Made in Peru
  • Hand-carved
  • Maintain with food safe oil

Who made this product? In the heart of the Amazon in Peru, indigenous Yanesha artisans work with PaTS to sustainably harvest from managed forests that have long been their home. Yanesha artisans are able to build an industry around creating artistic pieces rather than allowing loggers clear the forest without focusing on how the forest will be available for future generations. 

Why is it ethical? PaTS is a non­profit organization that connects Yanesha artisans with international markets, providing them with a sustainable income while working the preserve the abundant biodiversity found in their communities. Through their carefully hand­ carved wooden serving bowls, PaTS artisans provide a beautiful table setting while protecting the Amazon Rainforest for future generations.

18.5 x 8"

Each piece is handmade so sizing may vary slightly piece to piece