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Anne Gates

Anne Gates Cotton Face Mask

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Made With Love in San Francisco
This is a 100% cotton face mask with a cotton tie that loops around the back of the head and is secured at the back of the neck. This allows flexibility around the ears, and the masks fits comfortably over the nose and under the chin. These are not N95 quality, though there is a place to add in an extra layer for added protection, such as: P2.5 filter, coffee filter, paper towel, blue shop cloth, or tyvek envelope.
The mask works well with glasses, the way the top fold fits around the nose reduces "breathing fog" on glasses.

CDC (and I) suggest sterilizing your mask after every use. Easiest way to do that is to hit it with a hot steam iron for a few minutes. They are of course also machine washable.
10% of proceeds will go straight to the amazing folks at to help fund creating PPE for hospitals! They are an AMAZING org, and what they make is going straight to hospitals, and making an impact. There's an option to Pay What You Want, if you can give more, that's amazing <3 Thank you and STAY SAFE!

Please note: these masks may help prevent the spread of COVID-19, they will not prevent you from getting it. Please follow all CDC guidelines. Stay six feet away from folks, wash your hands, don't touch your face. For personal use only.
These are not eligible for return.