Atticus + Co Handmade Masks

Atticus + Co Handmade

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Each mask is hand-made out of 100% cotton fabric and has been pre-washed and dried. $8 of each sale is donated to Reese's Rainbow which works to fund special needs adoptions.

To care for your mask and make it last, we recommend hand wash with hot tap water, hand soap and hang to dry (especially if you have ties). Pull lengthwise and iron to achieve neat pleats after laundering. (These masks can be machine washed, but the wire in the nose will need some TLC after the wash.)

For filters: cut up heavy t-shirts, blue shop towels, folded paper towels or even coffee filters can be effective.

Who are we?
We are two friends. Two regular mama’s with children of our own. And seeing any child hungry, hurting and neglected causes our hearts to ache with a need to act, to DO SOMETHING.

What do we do?
Unlike many nonprofits, 100% of our proceeds go toward charity. We want your entire contribution to have the greatest impact possible. Every penny helps support and fund adoptions—getting children out of unimaginable situations and into loving families!

By making handmade, high quality accessories with PURPOSE. Our goal is to provide a product that people love and are proud to support. It’s a way that allows others who want to DO SOMETHING to be able to do so, simply by buying an atticus + co product.

Disclaimer: This product is NOT made for medical purpose. This product is NOT medical grade. It is designed as a protective barrier. *

**Please note, due to the nature of this item there are no refunds, exchanges or returns.