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Hazel Village

Hazel Village Doll Clothes

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Forest Green Overalls: Very practical green organic cotton overalls for your Hazel Village friend. Short legs, elastic waist, and a handy pocket on the bib to hold what Emma Rabbit calls "the niceties." She says "niceties" are if you find trinkets or snacks that you think are nice, and you want to keep them close. Anyway just like their counterpart for humans, these overalls have organic cotton striped lining on the bib. They have an overlap in the back where an animal's tail can stick out.

Linen Overalls: Roomy linen overalls for industrious animals who want to do projects in comfort and style. 

Linen Shorts

Fawn Shirt: When the animals want to copy their friend Phoebe Fawn, they wear this cozy Pima cotton shirt. Phoebe says, “It’s an honor!”

Ivory Sweater: The coziest and cutest of sweaters for your Hazel Village friends to share. These were hand knit in the mountains of Peru by a women’s collective, who have a thing or two to teach the animals about knitting. Needless to say, we are all so impressed! These sweaters are made from the softest 100% alpaca yarn, with three working buttons and cute decorative stitching details. They fit any Hazel Village doll or animal perfectly