Hazel Village Doll Outfits

Hazel Village

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These are excellent costumes for all the Hazel Village animals. Each costume comes packed in a little box. 

Tiger Costume: It's made from stretchy cotton striped fabric, with orange lining in the hood and white cotton fleece on the belly. It closes in front with velcro. As you can see it has ears, a tail, and pointy claws which look very menacing but are actually made of felt. 

Ballet Outfit: The ballet outfit includes a stretchy pink cotton shirt with short sleeves, a wraparound tutu made of soft pink tulle with an elastic waistband, and pink satin toe shoes. It comes packed in a little box, so the animals have somewhere to store it when they aren't doing ballet.

Elf Outfit: This elf costume fits all the animals. It comes with a stretchy cotton tunic, olive green cotton tights with pointy toes, a green wool felt elf hat, and a green canvas satchel. It comes packaged in a little box.

Fairy Costume: It includes a silky lavender dress with velcro closure, green wool felt wings, and shiny lavender shoes. It comes packed in a little box. It would fit all the animals.

Tuxedo Costume: Made of cotton knit, in black of course. The tailcoat has a snap closure in front. The pants have an elastic waist and a spot for the animal's tail to stick out. The shirt is white cotton oxford with a velcro closure in front and contrast stripe binding inside the collar.

Bathing Suit Costume: The lake beach in Hazel Village does not have big waves, but Annicke Mouse still loves to spend summer afternoons there. She wears her striped bathing suit when she takes a dip, then puts on her sunbonnet and anchor print dress to bask in the sunshine.