Malabar Natural Cotton Scarf

Bloom & Give

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This scarf is woven in a traditional hand-operated loom in South India. Hand-loomed cotton from this region is renowned for its rich texture and high absorption capacity and is commonly used to make towels and airy apparel. The pairing of this breathable fabric with a clean striped design is our attempt to create a super comfy everyday go-to scarf. Oh, and it has a near zero ecological footprint and it's pre-washed.

Material: 100% Handloomed Cotton
Size: 70 x 28 in.


About Bloom & Give:

Textiles have been handmade In India for thousands of years. Artists here have been transforming natural cotton, silk and wool into things of beauty using highly intricate techniques of dyeing, weaving & embroidery. Our creative inspiration comes from discovering these heirloom traditions and carefully reinterpreting them to make contemporary products for everyday life.