Bastrop Postcard

Lost Pines Art Bazaar

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Two things we love-beautiful prints and Bastrop.  We worked closely with artist, Jessica Crowell Astrella, of J.RoCro arts to create this unique print of Bastrop for Lost Pines Art Bazaar.  This postcard version of the print gives you the chance to send love from our beautiful Bastrop.  This is exclusively sold through our boutique.

J.RoCro arts + letters is the work of Jessica Crowell Astrella, and exists to provide thoughtful, beautiful, relatable paper goods + illustration to people who like those things.

(Her full name was Jessica Rose Crowell, which is where "J.RoCro" comes from - but she got married and blindly fell into the trap of the patriarchy and changed her name and chaos now reigns in the branding department of her life. It's fine, she's working through it.)

Size: 4 x 6"